Life at Zartu Games

what means to be a Zartarian?

We strive to be the best and
make awesome games.

Zartu Games is a young startup with a big vision and goals. We want to make our employee and players be part of our family and organically grow together in a beautiful community that pushes each other further. Doesn’t matter if you are a gamer, a developer, an artist or something else, we strive together!

To be a Zartarian also means you care about our planet, about others and you want genuinely to help and sometimes that means to get help yourself in order to be able to pay it forward. We fight together against bullies and trolls to protect our community, our family! Become a Zartarian!

Our Values

Players first

We believe to offer players the best gaming experience playing our games, where they can be safe: mentally and financially.


We believe to build an environment that naturally brings our players closer to our team in order to create better games.


We believe to build a place where you can share your life stories without being judged and actually get support.


We don’t discriminate any person, idea or view. We keep our minds open to any new endeavor.


We focus on giving our best and always learning to achieve that. We challenge our selves and push the limits.


We know that our games are cool, but your family and health is cooler!

Dream bigger

We believe to think different and create new trends.


Our vision is to be world’s most community-centric gaming company; to create virtual games where players universally own their game assets and help them in real life.


Our purpose is to make players feel safe, respected, part of our community, to universally own their in-game assets and earn money while enjoying our games.

Mind set

There are two types of games. Those that are just and those that are unjust. Any game that owns the players digital assets is unjust. Any game that allows players to own digital assets outside of the game is just.

We are looking for colleagues!

Be part of our family and put players first, we accept anyone that pushes their limits
and thinks different to create the best quality content.

Become a Zartarian