Cardano isle is where the story begins.


A new world

Long long time ago, humans started to ignore nature and destroyed the balance on our planet. Didn’t take long until nature backlashes and killed most of the population, destroyed most of the cities and covered almost all the land with water, leaving behind just small islands.

Cardano isle is one of the most advanced settlements that are left. But far from being the safest place in the new world, where pirates are the new rulers of the open waters and some of the islands left uncovered by the sea. This Autumn there are five figures that are ready to be revealed and to play a great role in our story. Follow us to see how the story unravels!

Our Universe

We are ready to create new games that are connected through one universe,
where you can own in and outside the game cards with champions from our games that are coming soon!


NFTs (or non-fungible tokens) are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on blockchain and cannot be replicated. They are represented by a unique character.


SFT (or semi-fungible tokens) are cryptographic tokens that have a limited number of tokens minted. They are represented by the rarity of our characters.

Cardano Blockchain

We will launch our game on the Cardano blockchain, where people can pay in ADA currency or with credit card through an exchange.

Community driven development

We want our artists, developers and players to connect together to work towards a better community!

Save the world

Playing our games and buying our characters qualifies you to be one of our saviors. We want to pay it forward and a percentage from our characters sales, will go to charities. Follow our community to vote for your favorite charity!


We want to be more than a community, we want to be that friend or relative, with whom you are eating an ice cream on a sunny day.

We are looking for colleagues!

Be part of our family and put players first, we accept anyone that pushes their limits
and thinks different to create the best quality content.

Become a Zartarian