World of Pirates

comes with a new gameplay of chess fighting tactics

Game Details

  • Game : World of Pirates
  • Link :
  • Mode : Play to earn
  • Blockchains : Cardano
  • Genre : Collectible CFT (Chess Fighting Tactics)
  • Cards Rarity :
    • Standard
    • Hue
    • Marvelous
    • Epic
    • Legendary
    • Mythic
    • Ultimate
    • Priceless

The tale of the new beginning

Long long time ago, humans started to ignore nature and destroyed the balance on our planet. Didn’t take long until nature backlashes and killed most of the population, destroyed most of the cities and covered almost all the land with water, leaving behind just small islands.

Cardano isle is one of the most advanced settlements that are left. But far from being the safest place in the new world, where pirates are the new rulers of the open waters and some of the islands left uncovered by the sea.

New heroes rise to fight the merciless pirates from the surrounding waters of Cardano Isle. Heroes that are united by a common goal to defend their families and friends, to stop the pirates raids and to win back their open waters territory.